When you want it from the World, not the warehouse...

Did you get home without that one must-have souvenir from your Disney vacation? Are you looking for an item that's only available in the parks? Do you need a few Disney items to be waiting for you at the start of your Disney vacation? 
Or maybe, as illogical as it sounds, are you one of the avid Disney devotees who prefers the Disney reminders that surround you at home to be from the World and not the warehouse? 
How do we know you're out there? Because we ARE you, and you are our tribe.


So, what is it that we do?

Very simply, we shop Walt Disney World for you. If the items you want are for sale at a Disney World retail or dining location, we can most likely get them for you.

Message us through our Park Shoppers Facebook page  or send us a an email to tell us what you’re looking for, provide a picture if you have one, and we go to the parks, resorts, or Disney Springs to look for it.  Once we find it, we confirm that it is indeed what you’re looking for and tell you your total cost with shipping and our shopping fee, you pay via the secure payment link we send you, we ship your items to you, and then the crowd goes wild with ecstatic jubilation! Or, at the very least, we hope you’re tickled to get your bit of Disney magic in the mail, and we’re delighted to have made it happen.

If we're familiar with the item, we'll let you know your cost right away and payment is expected prior to our purchasing the item for you. 

The process is streamlined a bit if you're taking advantage of one of our Latest Offers, and may be slightly more involved for specialty items, but our end goal is always the same: Getting you that little bit of Disney magic you want ... ahem, need

And what is it that we don’t do?

Well, besides windows and long-division, we aren’t huge resellers and we keep very little inventory. We shop, ship and deliver, that’s it. If you’re looking for an item that has completely sold out at the World, we wish you the best of luck in finding it, but with very few exceptions, we're not your last best hope.

Also, while some of the personal shopper services offer to deliver groceries and bring big froufrou gift baskets to the resorts, such large in-person deliveries are not part of our service line-up. However, small Disney items such as mouse ears, hats, backpacks, trading pin starter sets, autograph books, and small plushes can be delivered to Disney resorts.


Why would you use a personal Disney Shopper?

There are a few reasons that using a personal shopper could be beneficial to you. First, when you need something that's only available at the World with no online option, we're here to bridge those geographical inconveniences standing between you and those Disney items that are meant to be yours.

​Second, have you ever ordered something perfect online, but when it arrived it wasn't quite as perfect as the picture? Maybe your new purse has some stitching that's off, or a doll with a wonky eyeball or a plush with an ear that flops the wrong way. It may not rise to the level of an actual defect, but it's just not the one you would've come home with if you'd been shopping for it in person.  Well, that's where we come in handy. While we can't promise perfection with our inspection for flaws and symmetry, we CAN promise that any item we send to you, has been chosen with the same care and attention we would use when shopping for ourselves.

And last, sometimes isn't it just nice to have a second opinion? Do these two items look as good together in person as they seem to in the picture? Does this item LOOK and FEEL like it's worth the money, or am I victim to creative photography? I like both of these purses, but which one has roomier pockets or a more solid-feeling zipper?

We're here to help with all these little dilemmas that can make shopping blind online a little stressful and uncertain. And speaking of shopping online ...we're not here to gain customers through deception, so let us make sure you're aware that many of the theme park items you're looking for are now available in the Shop Disney Parks app. And if you're simply looking for the best price on your Disney item, the app may well be the best option for you. But we're here for you when your item is only available in the parks, when you need a little extra shopping attention, or if you just prefer your Disney stuff to come from the World, not the warehouse.


Ready to bring a little of the magic home? Message us on Facebook or send us an email