Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if Park Shoppers can’t find what I want? Is there still a fee?

For our true Personal Shopping there is a $25 non-refundable fee, but for our Shoppers Assist level of service, there’s never a fee unless we find and ship the items you’re looking for.

We’ve discovered, though, that people could be hesitant to make some shopping requests out of fear they were sending us on a “wild goose chase” with no reward at the end for our time and trouble. But trust us, that’s what we do, and we know that sometimes we’re not going to be able to find what you’re looking for and garner your undying gratitude (or your greenbacks) when it’s all over. It happens, and it’s okay.

But, if you still feel weird about it, we’ve included a little “tip jar” here, where you can leave a few dollars to salve your conscience … if that’s required. It’s never required from our point-of-view, and we’ll never give you side-eye for taking us at our word that there’s no fee. It’s just an option that we realized would be welcome by some.


I’m coming to Disney! Can I have items delivered to me at my resort?

Yes, with some limitations. We offer delivery of small items such as ear hats and Minnie ear headbands, lanyards, trading pins, bags and backpacks, and plushes to Walt Disney World Resorts. If your resort is on Disney’s transportation system, we’d be happy to have your Disney stuff waiting for you when you check-in. The delivery fee is $15 for typical deliveries in addition to the normal shopping fee, taxes, and the sacrifice to the PayPal gods.


Can I return or exchange an item?

No. As a low-volume business, we can’t absorb the costs involved in accepting returns or exchanges. So please, ask all the questions you want while we’re shopping, ask us to send another picture (or two!) if you need, just be sure we’re shipping the items you want, since all sales are final once payment has been made. Of course, should you receive the wrong item due to Park Shoppers error, we will make it right by arranging for a replacement or issuing a refund if a replacement item isn’t available. If you’ve received the wrong item due to Disney error, we will coordinate with Disney to try to correct the error.


My items arrived damaged. What do I do (besides cry)?

First, don’t cry. Park Shoppers is happy to do all the crying for you. It’s a service we provide.

Second (and more seriously) SAVE THE OUTER BOX AND INNER PACKING MATERIALS WITH THE DAMAGED ITEM(S). Why, you ask? Because it may be necessary to present these in person to your local post office to substantiate the damage claim. The USPS may want to confirm the damage, see both of the addresses and the evidence of insurance attached to the package, and may also want to see that it was packaged and padded sufficiently to prevent damage during normal handling. So make sure you save all of these items until the claim has been settled.

Okay, now that you have heroically snatched the packaging from the jaws of death at the waste bin (and wiped the tuna water and coffee grounds off of it if you didn’t read the FAQs in time), take a picture of the damage (we may ask for additional pictures, but one or two that clearly show what’s amiss will do for now) and send us an email to tell us of this terrible and tragic news. No need to be break it to us gently, just spit it out. There’s been enough breakage in your life today, and we can handle the trauma. We’re professionals, you know.

Now that we have the sad and tragic details from you, we will make the initial contact with USPS to get your claim rolling. Any steps of the process that we can do on your behalf, we are quite happy to handle. If it becomes necessary for you to take some action such as taking more pictures, providing us with more detailed info, or visiting a post office, we will let you know by message or email. We’ll do everything we can to get you the appropriate replacement or reimbursement, but remember that it will be a joint effort between you and Park Shoppers to see it to completion.


I think my shipment should’ve arrived by now. What do I do?

You most likely received an automated email with tracking info when we printed your shipping label so you can track the packages travels. Please feel free to fire an email or message to us if something seems wrong with its globetrotting, or if it hasn’t arrived by the expected delivery date. We’ll do our best sleuthing to find out what happened and we’ll let you know what we discover. We’ll keep you updated on its progress, and we will assist with the next steps to receive a replacement or reimbursement if the package can’t be located.


I don’t live in the U.S. Can I get my Disney stuff through Park Shoppers?

Maaayyyyybeeee. If you live in Canada, the UK, or Australia we can totally hook you up with new Disney stuff! But the shipping is a bit pricey and there are some restrictions on what type of items can be shipped. Take a look at our International Shipping page for more information.


I’m an Annual Passholder. Can Park Shoppers use my discount when shopping for me?


We’re sorry, but we’re unable to accommodate AP discounts. Not only do we have no way of verifying who is and isn’t a Passholder, but Disney has a clear policy on not allowing the use of a personal AP discount on items that are intended to be resold.


How are you figuring the sales tax?

Walt Disney World spans two counties with different county sales tax rates in addition to the Florida sales tax, so the tax on your item is charged at either 6.5% or 7.5% depending on the county of the merchandise location. For simplicity, we split the difference and use 7% when calculating all of our prices.


Why am I so pleased with my Park Shoppers experience and want to tell all my friends?

Because we’re AWESOME! ☺ And you can help us get the word of our awesomeness out there by liking us on Facebook, writing a review, and maybe even sharing some of our links and offers on your own Facebook page from time to time.​