International Shipping

Park Shoppers is happy to assist international friends in Canada, the UK, and Australia find the Disney World merchandise you fancy. Technology has made this a very small world, indeed, and allows us to message and email with you and shop for you as if you were just next door. But the world is actually still a very big place, and technology hasn’t yet brought us the transporter beam to zip those Disney items to you in the blink of an eye. So the reality of hefty shipping costs needs to be part of your decision about just how much you really “need” that item that’s calling to you from south of your border or across the ocean.

Because of the high shipping costs involved, we do encourage you to check online first for lower cost options such as the Disney Store UK or geographically-advantageous resellers on eBay, etc. But if there’s something you can only get from the World, we’re here to help.

When you’re considering your total cost, keep in mind that most international shopping requests will fall into the higher Specialty Item shopping fee tier (30%) due to the extra time and effort required in preparing and sending international shipments, and in communicating with you about the shipping variables.

Also bear in mind that any duties and taxes assessed by your government will be paid by you when the package arrives. For more information about duties, taxes, and prohibited items, you can check out this page at here, and our friends of the North can get more information from this Canada Border Services Agency section here.

Shipping costs will vary considerably depending on the method chosen (First Class, Priority, Priority Express) and the size and weight of your items. As an example of postage costs to expect, shipping a small box (such as for a coffee mug) would range from about $25 to $70 to the UK, and from about $25 to $50 to Canada. A larger box, say 12x12x5 inches (30x30x12cm) weighing 10lbs (22kgs), would ship to the UK for around $50 to $70, and to Canada for about $45 to $65.

When shipping internationally, we recommend shipping by Priority Mail instead of the lower cost First Class Mail because Priority Mail’s quicker transit times typically mean less opportunity for damage or loss. Park Shoppers takes pride in packaging all of our shipments with the same amount of care (and bubble wrap!) that we’d want for our own purchases, but there’s no way to protect against all the fascinating encounters the package might have before it reaches you. So while we certainly understand that you may choose to go with the lowest-cost shipping option, we need you to understand that you accept the increased risk for loss or damage by doing so. We do always ship insured, but there's never a guarantee that the post office is going to agree with us that any damage is their fault.

Please also keep in mind that even with insurance, in the event of loss or damage of international shipments, USPS may not reimburse you for the full value of the item. There are some shipping situations when USPS determines the insurable amount based on the size and weight of the package, not the declared value, so there is potential for the reimbursement amount to be considerably less than the actual value of your shipped items. 

So, you can see there is a certain amount of risk with having items shipped internationally, and because we are a low-volume business, we regret that we’re not in a position to take on that risk for you. We will do everything we can to facilitate reimbursement or replacement from USPS for you, but we can’t make a guarantee for full-restitution. However, should the reimbursement be less than what you paid for your item(s), under most (but not all!) circumstances, we will offer you a Park Shoppers credit toward your next shopping request for the difference.

Now that you’ve read all this shipping information and the dire warnings, if you’re still interested in getting Disney stuff sent from the parks straight to you, we’d be happy to estimate your postage costs for any particular items you have in mind, just drop us a note via a Shopping Request with more information about the items you’re looking for. If you have questions, but don’t have a specific item or request in mind yet, feel free to Contact Us.