Mugged by Mickey


Mugged by Mickey is a monthly mug and snack package subscription designed to put a beat down on that feeling of missing Disney. Each month we’ll feature a selection of authentic Disney theme park merchandise mugs, combined with park-only snacks* (see allergy warning below) such as a giant iced sugar cookie, a themed rice krispy treat, ChocolatEARS chocolates, Minnie’s Bake Shop cookies, or Main Street Popcorn, or sometimes we’ll get a little inventive with the type of snack offered, especially if we’ve been world traveling through World Showcase lately.

The name “Mugged by Mickey” would seem to indicate that it’ll be Mickey himself handing down that pummeling to your “I miss Disney” blues each month, but the Big Cheese will be sharing that responsibility with a number of other characters, parks, and attractions who will grace the mugs and snacks. We’ll select a few mugs that have caught our eye (and probably our hearts) to feature each month, and if there’s a special event or festival that month, we’ll offer up at least one package with those mugs, glasses, or tumblers, too.

We've also added the Just the Snacks, Ma'am option for those of you who'd love to have a little bit of Disney headed your way each month, but just don't have the cabinet real estate to devote to an ever-burgeoning Disney mug collection. We'll select a variety of snacks that are only available in the park and resort shops, and as always, we'll include the current parks maps so you can pretend you picked those up yourself at the World.

But maybe you’re afraid of being locked into a purchase every month, or you’re worried you won’t like what we’ve picked out one month but that signing up for a "subscription" means you have  to take it. Never fear! (Unless there’s a hungry grizzly barreling in on you, then it’s okay to fear.) We have a solution for that! (The fears, not the bears.)

First, you’re not locked into anything. We'll simply send you an email each month as a reminder to stop by the page and see what new mug and snack sets we have to offer. You're free to pick out any of the sets for yourself or have us ship one to a friend as a pick-me-up. And though we know you'll be interested in seeing what's new, we'll continue to offer packages from months past, as long as the components remain available. The price of each package will vary depending on the price of the individual items, and will be based on our "Shoppers Assist" pricing. Just send us a Facebook message or a shopping request letting us know which package you'd like to have, and we'll arrange payment and take it from there.

So sign up here to start receiving the Mugged by Mickey email! We promise not to spam you constantly. You shouldn’t receive more than 4 emails per month from us. We’ll send you the initial reminder email at the beginning of the month to make your selection, a reminder around the middle of the month, and we may also select a couple merchandise offers per month to share with you.

This section is still under construction, but we'll have your  Mugged By Mickey choices available in January.

Checkout this month's selections and let Park Shoppers sock it to those “I'm missin’ Disney blues” with Mugged by Mickey!

*Be aware that virtually none of Disney’s pre-packaged snacks are safe for nut and tree-nut allergies.



Soup Mug with Mickeyroni and Cheese

I Love Paris Mickey and Minnie Mug and Chocolates