Pricing and Practices

How much will this cost?

Your cost will depend on the type of items you're looking for and the level of shopping service required (which we'll explain in more detail below) and will also include FL sales tax, shipping costs, plus 3% of your total for the sacrifice to the PayPal gods.

For shopping requests that fall into our Shoppers Assist category, for example, the shopping fee is 20% of the retail cost of your item(s) with a minimum $8 shopping fee. And for those shopping requests that require some true Personal Shopping with item suggestions and confirmation photos, we add a 30% fee for our time and effort, with a $25 non-refundable minimum fee. We can also shop for items such as park-only merchandise (popcorn buckets and souvenir mugs, for example), special event items, and even personally-signed artwork from your favorite Disney artist. Those Specialty Shopping prices will vary greatly, but will always be clearly communicated prior to proceeding.


Shoppers Assist

For shopping requests to qualify as a Shoppers Assist, you've basically done all the shopping yourself by looking through the Shop Disney Parks app and you just need "local legs" to grab the items for you. For those of you who enjoy a little online shopping but prefer your Disney stuff to come from the World, not the warehouse, this is the perfect way to accomplish that. Just take a stroll through the shopping app, take a screenshot of the item(s) you want, and let us know "I want this, this, and this," in a Facebook message or an email and we'll take it from there! You get the items you picked out at your own pace in the comfort of your own home without the crush of the shopping crowd, AND you enjoy the benefits of having a personal shopper to look for flaws or dings, and you can count on us to tell you if we have concerns that the item might not match your expectations.

Our Shoppers Assist price is based on the retail price + 20% shopping fee + 7% tax + estimated shipping cost + 3% of your total for the sacrifice to the PayPal gods and then rounded to the nearest dollar. And while we expect that most folks will use this service only when the item sought is an "in-store only" option, we also know that for some folks the difference in cost to have us pick up that item will be worth it since we offer a few things the shopping app can't:

  • We love to include a few park maps or other park ephemera with your shipment so you can imagine you made the shopping trip yourself.
  • We're on the lookout for dings or flaws, exactly the way you would be if you were shopping yourself.
  • There's just something special about your items coming to you from the World, not the warehouse.​



​​Personal Shopping

Our Personal Shopping fee is 30% of the retail price of your items (minimum $25 non-refundable fee), and is for those requests that require true personal shopping and significant coordination between the customer and shopper, such as when you're not sure what you want and you need us to scope out actual items to suggest. Sometimes these suggestions come from physical legwork, looking about the parks and resorts for items. But often, our shopping process starts quite simply with taking a virtual stroll through the Shop Disney Parks app for ideas. So always keep in mind that you can get more bang for your buck by taking that "stroll" on your own and either ordering direct from Disney or using that information to take advantage of our Shoppers Assist pricing. But, of course, we're absolutely here for you if you need a more personal approach. Just remember that we need to recoup a little extra for our time and effort.

Cost example for true Personal Shopping:
$100 (retail price of items)
    +7 (sales tax) Why do we use 7%?
  +30 (30% personal shopping fee)
  +18 (typical USPS shipping for multi-item request)
    +3 (3% sacrifice to the PayPal gods) ​
$158 Total amount you pay

​​Specialty Shopping

Specialty Shopping covers a wide range of items, and the pricing varies with a number of factors. It includes park-only items such as popcorn buckets or souvenir mugs available only at snack and dining locations, special event merchandise such as Mickey's Not So Scary and Mickey's Very Merry party merchandise, original artwork, and some limited edition items - especially those that require a significant time investment to be in a certain place at a certain time for the item's release. We're even happy to find our way to art and book signings available on property to get those special works and signatures from your favorite authors and artists.  Non-refundable advance fees may be required for some limited edition and special event items, but we will explain those fees when you place your request.


What about shipping?

Your shipping cost will be included in the total cost we give you at the time of your request. It includes our estimate of the actual shipping cost, plus a little buffer to recoup costs of packing and shipping materials. 

Limited international shipping is available to Canada, the UK, and Australia. More information here.

Limited resort delivery is also available for small items to Walt Disney World owned and operated resorts. Disney may charge the guest a $5 fee for receiving the delivery. This charge is separate from the $15 resort delivery fee charged by Park Shoppers.


How do I place a shopping request?

​​Place a shopping request one of two ways:

1) You can message us via our Facebook page with info about the items you're seeking.


2) If you're not on Facebook, you can send us a shopping request by email.

​​What happens after I place a shopping request?

If your request includes items that we’re familiar with, we'll be able to tell you the anticipated costs in that first message or email with you and we'll arrange for payment at that time. 

If your request is for items we don't know pricing for or if we need to see the items to get a better idea of shipping costs, we'll touch base and let you know when to expect a follow-up reply from us with total cost info.

Requests for true Personal Shopping are handled on a case by case basis and don't necessarily have a pat answer for "what happens next." But we'll be in contact with you right away to find out more about what you're looking for, discuss expected fees, arrange for appropriate payments, and to see where the road takes us on our little shopping journey together.


When do I pay?

If you’ve requested a Shoppers Assist or are looking for items that we’re confident of their location and availability, we’ll let you know the total cost during our initial contact with you. Once you've agreed that you'd like to proceed, we'll send a secure payment link to your email and payment is expected at that time. If we’re unexpectedly unable to fulfill your request after payment has been received, you will be notified as soon as possible, and we’ll initiate the refund process right away.

The timing for payment on true Personal Shopping requests will be handled on a case by case basis and will vary depending on the situation and may sometimes be done in two parts, with an initial deposit taken at the time of the request, and then a follow-up transaction for the remainder once the item decisions have been made.

Payment details for specialty items such as limited editions and special event merchandise can vary. If it’s a specialty item we've highlighted on our site, the terms, fees, and refund restrictions will be clearly stated. For specialty items not highlighted on our site, we will clearly communicate our fees and additional refund restrictions prior to requesting payment.


​​How is my payment processed, and is my information secure?

Park Shoppers uses PayPal to process all payments and we will send you a secure payment link by email. When you click on the Pay Now button in the email, you will be taken to PayPal’s secure website where you can follow the link to log into your PayPal account to complete the payment or follow the “pay with debit/credit card” link to pay without a PayPal account.

Park Shoppers never has access to your credit card information, and cannot charge your card for more than you authorized through the Pay Now button.

The only personal information that Park Shoppers will maintain in our records is your name, shipping address, email address, and the email or Facebook correspondence we've shared.

What about returns or exchanges?

We are a low-volume business and can't absorb the costs involved in accepting returns or exchanges. In all circumstances other than Disney Merchandise or Park Shoppers error, ALL SALES ARE FINAL from the moment you authorize shopping and make your payment. So please, ask all the questions you want while we’re shopping, ask us to send another picture (or two!) if you need. Just be sure we’re purchasing the items you want. We want to send you exactly what you’re looking for. No surprises. Of course, should you receive the wrong item due to Park Shoppers error, we will make it right by arranging for a replacement or issuing a full refund if a replacement item isn’t available. If you’ve received the wrong item due to Disney error, we will coordinate with Disney to correct the mistake.

Are there different pricing and practices for resort delivery?

The only difference in our pricing and practices for resort delivery is that your total cost will include the $15 resort delivery fee (for most deliveries) instead of shipping costs. The rest of our pricing structure and practices are the same as what we've discussed above.